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Are ettitude’s products ethically made?Updated a month ago

Yes! We are very proud of our fully traceable and ethical supply chain. That is why ettitude received a high score of 102 by BCrop. Read more about it in our FAQs.

  • Resources:
    • 100% traceable organic FSC-certified bamboo (we know the farm that grows our bamboo!)
    • Our bamboo is Canopy Hot Button approved ensuring we are not sourcing from endangered forests or indigenous land and we use a specific species that is not a feedstock for pandas
    • Bamboo grows 532 times faster than trees which are used to make other lyocell products
    • Bamboo grows faster than we can harvest it therefore we are not depleting any natural resources and it enriches the environment by improving the mineral and nutrient content in the soil
    • Our fiber is processed using a food-grade organic solvent instead of traditionally used harmful caustic soda
    • The fiber process is a closed-loop system using a sophisticated processing method to recycle the solvent and water, saving 98% of it in the process.
  • Social Compliance:
    • We use SEDEX and BSCI 3rd party audits to evaluate our manufacturing partners and ensure they are upholding our standards of social responsibility.
    • We also have a customized comprehensive social compliance contract that all of our factory partners must sign and uphold.
    • All suppliers are also required to comply with our extensive Supplier Code of Conduct and Forced Labor policy.
  • Corporate ESG:
    • BCorp certification with one of the highest scores thanks to ettitude’s focus on sustainability and ethical production & business conduct.
    • We donate 1% of our sales to environmental non-profits via 1% For The Planet, and offset 100% of our CO2 emissions
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